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General Bogardus is a male Nohrin and was killed by and Ando during the Nohrin-Lokni Race War.


General Bogardus is a male Nohrin and is purple. He has wings like most Nohrin and has a pointy hair (facial and head).


Bogardus hates all Lokni at the beginning of the film but over the course of the film, learns to accept them for what they are.

Relationships Edit

Bogardus was the General of the Nohrin army until he was forced to illegally gamble with his weapons by General Raius. This was because he was against going to war with all Lokni.

He befriends Delgo and Filo as the movie goes on but is still aggressive in tone with them, showing that he still doesn't like Lokni. He cares for Delgo and Filo though which is shown with him sacrificing himself and dying for Delgo.

Abilities Edit

Bogardus has the ability to fly like most Nohrin. He also has the ability to Gamble away his possessions.

Character designEdit