For the film of the same name, see Delgo (film).


Delgo is a Lokni which is an enemy of the Nohrin. The Nohrin killed Delgo's parents when he was young and when he grew up, seeked revenge against all Nohrin.

Appearance Edit

Delgo is green with brown stripes. He is an average Lokni who wears clothes.


Delgo is racist against all Nohrin and this prejudice is obvious when he starts a race war against all Nohrins. He is funny and very witty which shows in his friendship with Filo. This is a cover-up for his PTSD which he holds for when his parents died while they were playing hide and seek.

Relationships Edit

His best friend is Filo who is the funniest character in the movie who carries a flare around in the instance that you need to save a friend and blow a tree up.

Delgo's guardian is Elder Marley as his parents died during the first Lokni Genocide.

He has strong feeling towards Kyla but is complicated by his racial hatred towards all Nohrins. He ends up getting with her and they kiss at the end of the film.

Abilities Edit

He has the power to control the magical stones. He couldn;t do it for a long time due to his PTSD.

Character Designs Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Delgo is very skilled at riding the two-legged creatures