Empress Sedessa is the main antagonist of Delgo. She seeks revenge for her exile and therefore, is evil. She has a hatred towards Lokni and believes they are savages. She is the cause of the Lokni Genocide.


Empress Sedessa is a female Nohrin. She has a cool tattoo under her right eye in the shape of a hook. She has pink skin like most Nohrin and wears a variety of dresses.

Personality Edit

Empress Sedessa is full of hatred and rage towards all Lokni. It is unknown why she has this hatred. She is very vengeful and wishes to take over Jhamora.

Relationships Edit

She is the sister of King Zahn and Aunt of Kyla. She is associated with General Raius who informs her about the Nohrin Kingdom. Her minions are the Ando who are similar to the orcs from Lord of the Rings. She tried to kill the royal Nohrin family but was only able to kill Kyla's mother. This is the reason of her exile.

She despises all Lokni including Delgo and his friends. She wants all Lokni to die.

Abilities Edit

She is the commander of the Ando which come together to make a massive army which she uses to battle the Lokni. She used to be able to fly until the Nohrin exiled her out of Jhamora which involves the cutting a Nohrin wings.

Character DesignsEdit