Kyla is female Nohrin and daughter of King Zahn.

Appearance Edit

Kyla is a female Nohrin with purple skin and wings which allow her to fly.

Personality Edit

She is very naive, kind and beautiful.

Relationships Edit

She is the daughter of King Zahn who is the ruler of the Nohrin. She is also the niece of Empress Sedessa. She is friends with General Bogardus who dies by General Raius's sword. Her mother was poisoned by Empress Sedessa.

She has very strong feelings towards Delgo, who she kisses at the end of the film. She also befriends Filo along the way but Filo gets friend-zoned.

Abilities Edit

She has the ability to fly thanks to her wings. She also has political leadership thanks to her father, King Zahn.

Trivia Edit

  • Her mother is dead
  • Her mother's brooch is her most prized possession.