Lokni are a humanoid race of people refered to as Stone Sage's, which means they harness the power of magic rocks.


Lokni are resemble reptiles and are bald. They have green, hairless skin with brown stripes running all over their body.


Lokni believe in the power of magical rocks.

See Magical Rocks for more details

They have a strong belief in unity and love for each other. They keep calm and go with the flow, even when the sanctuary is destroyed. Though it looks like a magicians trick, the stone sages are able to devastate any battlefield with the help of the magic rocks.

Stone Sage Council Edit

The council of Lokni is made up of the elders of the village. During the times of war they place two magic stones on a table, one blue and one yellow. The elders make the decision to go to war or keep the peace through harnessing their emotions and making the stones float. Which ever rock stays afloat is their decision. The yellow represent war and the blue represents peace.